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's no HP help please chrisccoulson: It's the one that comes with the netbook remix by default hmmm, i really should use the netbook remix then i had forgotten that it had that awilkins - ok, i need to reboot now, brb LaserJock: bug 65742 Launchpad bug 65742 in virtualbox-ose "64-bit version of virtualbox-ose is incorrectly built for i386 architecture" [Medium,Confirmed] then you can close bug 65743 Launchpad bug 65743 in linux-source-2.6.28 "Mesa drivers not working with kernel 2.6.28" [Undecided,Confirmed] righto, thanks I've seen that you're a member of ~ubuntu-dev, so when do you think you'll get to triage the newer bugs that I've marked? it would be nice if you had an idea when you'll have time awilkins: are you running bug 65742? LaserJock: I've no idea how to triage it. awilkins: well, basically it needs an upstream bug report on the 64 bit version that's not getting triaged awilkins: but it's something for you to work on LaserJock: Ok, I think I see what's happening awilkins:? awilkins: ok, well, we'll leave you to it then :-) LaserJock: It's a package that's




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Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance Crack No Dvd 2022

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