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What We Do

Rural Urban is a Think Tank researching and developing ideas to influence government as they develop new policy for the countryside. There are many challenges for Rural Areas, not least the loss of young people and the super ageing population: Infrastructure, Broadband, Mobile Phone Reception, Planning, Funding, Local Government Reform, Isolation, Low Wages; all these and more are increasingly challenging for people who live in rural areas.


Farming and the environment are hugely important in rural areas, and they quite rightly are front and centre in the current debate, but there is much more to Rural Life and its economy.


For the past forty years rural policy and funding has been a function of the EU, as we leave the EU we need to inform and educate Whitehall and the Government, who repeatedly fail to address issues in rural areas.


We need to make sure that our policy makers understand the connection between Rural and Urban areas and how by working together these areas can make the UK stronger.


This Think Tank will produce evidence based research to challenge our government, businesses and the general public about the issues facing rural areas and the need to be connected to City Regions rather than treated separately.

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